Top Five Best Places to Live in Portharcourt

If you’ve never seen a “mammy water” or what the ‘more learned’ ones would call mermaid, then you need to visit Port-Harcourt; there are lots of them there. Port Harcourt is home to various species of fishes. It is probably the best place in Nigeria to go ‘a fishing’ or to embark on a fishing trip but of course that depends on what you intend to do with the fish. If you are not disciplined, thrift or you have a penchant for sowing your wild oats, then visiting Port Harcourt could be at your own peril.

Port Harcourt is called the Garden city, the pearl of Niger-delta and where the black gold seats unbridled

Named and delineated in August 1913 by the Governor-General of Nigeria at that time, Sir Fredrick Lugard after the then secretary of state of the colonies, Lewis Vernon Harcourt. Its sole purpose was to be used as an exit point for the coal then discovered and mined in Enugu but it later served other purposes, most notably was its use as a base for military operations against the central powers in ‘’German Kamerun’’(an area that covers part of modern day Cameroon, Gabon etc.).

The city is Nigeria’s oil capital and the third most developed metropolis after Lagos and Abuja. Lots of people troop into Port Harcourt on a daily basis (Foreigners inclusive), making abductions a thriving business unlike Lagos where you don’t need to be abducted to get missing. Just visit Balogun market for the first time and you will get lost in the crowd unaided within 30 seconds.

Port Harcourt is Africa’s hot spot for oil and gas. However amid the drama, the array of fishes, the oil and energy boom, the bustling and hustling, there are some places in this flourishing metropolitan garden city that offers a getaway from what the core of the city entails. These residential areas are an entire package of serenity and opulence; only suitable for Port Harcourt’s finest. This article lists the top 5 hottest places in Port Harcourt;


This little neighborhood lies in between the diobu river and the mgbuodohia/agip river. It’s calm and placid. It has lots of beautiful houses close to the sea side and in close proximity with the Nigerian Agip Oil company and illaobuchi(PH Electronics village). For those of you who have an obsession for Islands, there you go


Following the dualization of its major road, this area sprang up to existence as one of the most sought after residential areas in the city. Not too rowdy, not too quiet just at the middle, it will suit any family.


This area is one of the fastest developing areas in Port Harcourt. It is part of the Trans-Amadi industrial district and few kilometres away from the city center. It’s quite serene and beautiful, suiting that cozy atmosphere you desire. Go there at night and you will appreciate its beauty. Located near the NLNG and Rainbow housing estate, this is another plus for it and in the near future it would match up with the G.R.A’s if not surpassing them.

2. OLD G.R.A:

The Old Government Reserved Area (Old GRA) is a neighborhood of the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State in Nigeria. It was primarily inhabited by European settlers during colonial times and was then referred to as the European quarters. Old GRA is the location of the Rivers State House of Assembly the People’s Democratic Party Secretariat and the NEPAD Rivers State Secretariat. The neighborhood was also notable as the Port Harcourt home of former Nigeria’s first lady, Patience Jonathan. It also has a notable tourist site called, Isaac Boro Gardens, named after a celebrated Nigerian Nationalist and Civil war hero, Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. This area is quiet as a grave yard that you can actually hear the sound of a pin dropped on the floor. It’s also beautiful, trees form shades and boulevards are common here. Basically for the high and mighty in the society and top government officials, albeit if you have the money you can own a property here.

1. New G.R.A:

New Government Reserved Area Port Harcourt is the home of swag and a haven for the crème de la crème of the garden city. The residents live a posh, cozy and tranquil life which makes it our number 1. The place is not only home to government officials; it also abhors the affluent in the society. It consists of G.R.A phase 1 to 5. The place has its fair share of hotels. The prestigious Genesis Deluxe cinema, the PH Polo club, classy events centers, night clubs, departmental stores, eateries are also located here. Properties here are sinfully expensive; you have to pay through your nose to get one. Night life in Port-Harcourt usually goes on full throttle and New G.R.A is no exception. This is evident by the array of Night clubs and bars that besiege the area. It is a favorite hangout for most visitors and tends to be frequented by high-end prostitutes at night. The neatness of the environment and the presence of trees in every compound creates the perfect ambience for nature and relaxation.


If you live in Rivers state and you are looking for a place that will provide huge returns for your real estate investment. Then this is the place you are looking for.

That’s the full list of our top 5 hottest places in Port Harcourt- the garden city. Now you know where