The Commuter | A Nokia N8 Production

The Commuter – A short film starring Dev Patel, Ed Westwick, Charles Dance and Pamela Anderson premiered last night in London. Check out this fantastic production, directed by the McHenry brothers and shot entirely with the Nokia N8, after the jump. Enjoy!

JoikuSpot Premium For Symbian^3 Is Here | Turns The Nokia N8 Into A Wireless Router

JoikuSpot allows your Nokia handset to act as a mobile router. You can connect your laptop and other devices to internet using your mobile phone as a 3G WiFi hotspot. With JoikuSpot installed on your Nokia N8, you can say goodbye to any awkward USB dongle, MiFi, cable or Bluetooth connection you might have. Connection security enabled, you and whoever you decide to share with can privately access an internet connection wherever you are. Hit the jump to find out more.

You can pick up JoikuSpot Premium from your Symbian^3 handset via the Ovi Storefor £8 GBP or directly from the JoikuShop for €9 EUR. Its a small price to pay for such a fantastic application. Check out the video demo courtesy of The Nokia Blogbelow.

Nokia N8 Nuggets | 10 Useful Tutorials For The Nokia N8

Nokia UK has published ten very useful tutorials for the Nokia N8 tagged as ‘Nuggets’. These videos demonstrate many features that are not widely known or promoted. Hit the jump to view all ten demos which could help you make the most of your Nokia N8. Enjoy!

Nugget No. 1 | Turning Control

Turning control allows a user to mute their incoming call or to snooze a call on their Nokia N8 smartphone.

Nugget No. 2 | USB On-The-Go

USB on-the-go allows playback of movies directly from a USB key on the Nokia N8 smartphone.

Nugget No. 3 | Resume Video Playback After Call

Play back of movies on the Nokia N8 smartphone automatically resumes after a phone call has finished.

Nugget No. 4 | Ovi Walk & Share

Ovi Walk allows users to be voice guided through parks as well as main roads. Locations may also be shared on Facebook and Twitter using Ovi share location on the Nokia N8 smartphone.

Nugget No. 5 | Self Timer Camera

The self timer feature on the Nokia N8 smartphone comes with a delay of between 5 and 20 seconds with a repeated audio alert to countdown the remaining seconds.

Nugget No. 6 | Downloading Ovi Apps

The Nokia N8 smartphone does not require a connection to a computer to download apps form the Ovi store. The Ovi store is available on the phone with full search and download functionality.

Nugget No. 7 | Multitasking Switcher

Switch between tasks and close applications by holding down the menu button on the Nokia N8 smartphone to access the multitasking menu.

Nugget No. 8 | Audio SMS Playback

Playback SMS using the ‘Listen’ feature on the Nokia N8 smartphone.

Nugget No. 9 | Touch & Hold

Touch and hold music to add to playlists or touch and hold photos to add to photo albums.

Nugget No. 10 | FM Transmitter

Listen to your music collection through your car speakers using the built in FM transmit feature.