Small Alarm

Are bulky, cocky weapons the best for scaring attackers off?

Reliable Protection in Hand with a Small Alarm

Self-defense weapons that are bulky and look cocky can scare predators off effectively, yet their intimidating appearance does not outweigh the hassle involved in carrying one, especially without provoking delinquents. Often, all it takes is a small alarm to drive the bad guy away.

Personal alarms are portable and convenient to carry. You can stop danger staring you in the face with an ear-piercing sound that people nearby can hear so as to come to your aid.

A personal alarm with flashlight is not 4 inches tall, but packs 130 decibels that will have attackers scurrying for cover. The loud racket is distracting and disorienting so you can run away to safety. Anyone alerted to the distress call could avert your attacker or report the incident.

This small alarm comes with a wrist strap connected to an activation pin. Even if the criminal tries to snatch what he perceives as a weapon, it will go off and catch him off guard.