Mini Personal Alarm

What if I am too scared to confront my assailant?

Mini Personal Alarm for Alerting Others When in Trouble

When people think about carrying non-lethal weapons for protection out on the street, they usually think of weapons such as pepper spray or stun guns. These are great choices, but how about carrying a weapon that fights attackers by trying to scare them off in the first place? That would be a mini personal alarm.

Personal alarms are loud alarms that you carry on yourself or in a bag. If you have one and are getting mugged, for example, you set it off and this both calls the attention of other people and startles the mugger, which would likely scare him away. This is much better, and safer, than having to fight him off.

There are personal alarms that do even more than call for help and scare attackers off. Flashlight alarms, such as a personal alarm with light, also let you see and aim at your target at night. Plus, these blind him with the glare, which does a lot to startle and discourage him from continuing his attack.

You can attach keychain alarms to a belt loop or bag so they are instantly accessible when needed. An electronic pocket/keychain whistle is a good example, and so is a keychain alarm with light.

You might think that you can always yell for help instead, but there are many situations where this might not be possible. And there are people who are not able to do this, to begin with. That is why carrying a personal alarm is always a good idea. You can rely on the usually electronic or aerosol device to spare you from confronting your assailant.

With so many different types of portable alarms available, many of which have far more capabilities than making noise, choosing the right mini personal alarm for you should not be a problem. If at all, the sheer variety of security alarms for sale could make picking one much harder to do.