Mini Personal Alarm With Keychain

If I sense an oncoming mugger, how must I act?

A Mini Personal Alarm with Keychain Eliminates Fighting

Facing off with a mugger must be the last resort. The blatant, hard-to-ignore sound from a mini personal alarm with keychain will drive him away, not toward you. He is usually a petty criminal who will not risk getting caught or besieged for a wallet. If you prove to be difficult, he will find someone else to mug.

Personal alarms are useful during emergencies, and in attack situations, for avoiding a confrontation. An alarming sound divulges your quandary, whereabouts and need to be saved to people within hearing range. Plus, it brings the attacker into the open.

You could trigger a battery-operated 130dB alarm keychain alarm with light very quickly to avert danger. You simply push a button on top or yank a pin affixed to the key chain. The flashlight can be turned on separately from the alarm. The mini personal alarm with keychain is a chance for anyone to flee rather than stay, fight and risk being harmed.