Band ‘Kill It Kid’ Tour Uk With The Nokia N8

Nokia also followed the band ‘Kill it kid’ as they toured around the UK using Ovi maps on the Nokia N8 to navigate their way around. During rehearsal, the band make use of their Nokia N8 to capture 12MP images and 720p HD video to prepare for live gigs. As the band tour the country with limited space and time, they use the Nokia N8smartphone to send updates to their fans on Facebook and Twitter replacing the need for a computer. Hit the jump for the video.

Vodafone Launches Smartphone Professional | Corporate Mobile Security

Vodafone has launched a new solution to help businesses manage smartphones that connect to corporate networks. Smartphone Professional provides a powerful security and device management solution using ‘Good for Enterprise’, which supports many devices including Nokia handsets. Using SmartphoneProfessional, administrators manage corporate devices in a number of ways including the ability to restrict a device’s functionality and remotely wipe corporate data from a lost or stolen phone. Hit the jump to find out more.

The ‘Good for Enterprise’ solution, encrypts data from companies’ servers and restricts information access within a special application. Smartphone Professional clients, who will be charged per user per month, will also receive expert help from Vodafone employees.

“With smartphones becoming increasingly popular, securing the way data is accessed and stored on these devices is crucial,” said Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director at Vodafone UK. “Many businesses want to allow employees to use the mobile device that they choose to do their job most effectively. With Vodafone Smartphone Professional, businesses have the peace of mind that mobile devices and data are secure on the UK’s best network.”

Smartphone Professional offers the following features:

Device Management

IT administrators through a web based console can take control of applications, lock down device functionality and remotely wipe confidential information from a lost or stolen device.

Highest levels of security

The solution provides advanced end-to-end 192-bit AES encryption and FIPS certification enabling secure access to applications and data behind the corporate firewall. The Good for Enterprise solution provides a contained environment on every smartphone by encrypting data from your server and restricting its access within a special application. Secure email, calendar, contacts as well as business applications.

Expert Help

Smartphone Professional includes premium helpdesk to helpdesk support to ensure your team have access to our experts.

Inclusive Data allowance

Smartphone Professional provides a generous data allowance for each user on Vodafone’s award winning network.

Supporting the implementation

Specifically designed to ensure that the deployment of Smartphone Professional is as simple and efficient as possible, we have a created a range of services to support you.

Management solutions

We provide a range of management solutions from remote monitoring and administration, to full remote management and hosted service. Helping you to remove the IT management burden, reduce capital investment and ensure service availability.

Nokia C6 (C6-01) Begins Shipping Today

Nokia today announced that the Nokia C6 (C6-01), Nokia’s second Symbian^3 based smartphone, has officially begun shipping. The new Nokia C6 (C6-01) is the smallest and most affordable of the new family of Symbian^3 devices. Hit the jump to find out more.

The Nokia C6 (C6-01) measures in at 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9mm and weighs just 131g. It’s got a 3.2″ AMOLED capacitive touch-screen, featuring the new ClearBlack technology. This ensures that the blacks you see are really just that, black, which in turn enhances the contrast of the display and makes the whole screen much easier to see.

The Nokia C6 (C6-01) is also one of Nokia’s greenest devices to date, featuring the use of bioplastics and recycled metals for much of its construction. But this does not make it any less capable. The Nokia C6 (C6-01) has an eight-megapixel full focus camera with dual-LED flash and the capability of shooting video in 720p HD, comes with free lifetime voice guided navigation, and on demand WebTV.

The Nokia C6 (C6-01) will be available via your local retailers and operators soon, so keep checking with them if this is the device for you.