Mini Personal Alarm With Clip

How about minors who must not use incapacitating weapons?

Making Noise Via Mini Personal Alarm with Clip

Anyone, man, woman or child, can use a personal alarm for safety. It is a non-lethal device for self-defense. Even for minors, a mini personal alarm with clip is extremely easy to activate. Generally, this is by pressing a button or pulling a pin, or by a motion sensor to alert those in the immediate vicinity that something is wrong and must be checked.

With 120 decibels, a mini personal alarm LED flashlight can stop an offender cold and make him run away from the very uncomfortable noise. Its bright flashlight is useful both to guide the would-be victim in darkness and as a defensive weapon with a bright glare for distracting the victimizer.

It comes with a belt clip, but can also be hooked to a keychain for convenient carrying and easy access. The mini personal alarm with clip can be activated into or deactivated from alarming by a button being pressed, right where the thumb rests when holding the device.