Personal Mini Guard Alarm

What personal alarms are versatile enough against home threats?

Being Safe Anywhere with a Personal Mini Guard Alarm

Personal alarms keep you safe anywhere you go. Typically, a personal mini guard alarm fits in your pocket or on your bag attached to a key chain. Pressing a button on the device sounds a loud alarm, attracting the attention of passersby and hopefully scaring an assailant off.

There are other kinds of portable alarms that do not fit only in pockets and protect you only when you are in a room. These come in handy at home or when you are staying in a hotel.

The 120 dB Door Stop Alarm is a wedge-shaped device that is placed in front of a door. When the door gets opened, it hits the alarm’s switch and sets it off. There is even a movement sensor that sounds the alarm if someone tries to move the device while it is guarding a door. This personal mini guard alarm can be switched off before placing in luggage so the alarm does not get activated accidentally.