Personal Alarm Keychain

What mistakes do people make concerning self-defense weapons?

Keep a Personal Alarm Keychain Accessible at All Times

In a crisis situation, every moment is precious. No person can afford to fumble inside a bag or grope in the dark for protective gadgets. A grave mistake to be made is keeping a self-defense device where it can’t be retrieved fast, so it becomes useless. Likewise, hesitating to use the weapon on hand could be a fatal error. A personal alarm keychain must be easy to get and activate because emergency devices are supposed to be very accessible and quick to use.

Like home alarms that must be placed in strategic locations around the house, personal alarms must be located strategically where they can be reached swiftly. Once the earsplitting sound goes off, attackers will often get scared and run away, preventing or minimizing any physical confrontation. People within hearing range will recognize the sound as a distress call, and be drawn to the alarm to find out what is going on.

Key chain alarms are particularly easy to access since each can be used as a bag accessory. One can also hang it on a belt or keep in an easy-to-reach pocket. Attached to car keys or house keys, it is still small enough to hold in the hand, just like a regular key ring.

An alarm with light can also be conveniently accessible. Since it can be used as a light source, it is only natural to hold it while walking in dark areas. Having it in hand makes activating the alarm immensely easy. Furthermore, it can be used to disorient an attacker, and illuminated enough for one to see the attacker’s appearance such as shirt color or facial hair.

A personal alarm keychain is just that: personal. What suits each individual’s personal needs and preferences differs. It could be a keychain alarm with light, an electronic pocket/keychain whistle or a mini travel alarm with PIR sensor. Regardless of choice, one must always remember that a non-lethal personal alarm can only be effective if one can reach it during an emergency.