Nokia Reader Beta For Nokia Touch | Push Enabled RSS Reader

Nokia Reader Beta is the latest addition to Nokia Beta Labs and brings a simple and easy to use RSS reader to your Symbian^3 or S60 5th Edition device. What’s great about Nokia Reader is that it uses push notifications which will lower battery consumption and bring the news to you as it happens. Hit the jump to find out more.

Nokia Reader Beta Features:

  • Uses Push Notifications
  • Content Directory
  • Homescreen Widget
  • Supports Nokia Account

To get started with Nokia Reader, download the free app for your S60 5th Edition or Symbian^3 handset from our Applications section an install onto your device. Launch the app on you device and simply select your favorite feeds from a pre-populated list of the major news sources or add a new feed by typing the website address. One feature I would like to see in this application is Google Reader support. That would make it near perfect.

DIY Nokia Terminal Mode Using The Nokia N8

Check out this awesome video of a a DIY version of Nokia Terminal Mode. The Nokia N8 is used to replace the HUD of a Mazda 6, with the handset being connected via Bluetooth to enable the audio from the Nokia N8 to be playable via the car’s radio. Video after the break.

Subtitles Support For Nokia Handsets

A couple of days ago we brought to you the news of the new Nokia N8 Software Update | Videos. This update allows you to use SRT and SUB subtitle files on your Nokia N8. Check out the video demo of the new features after the break.

Nokia E7 Video Preview By PhoneArena

It was only last week when we brought you the first unboxing video of the Nokia E7, which incidentally is the first Symbian^3 powered Eseries to add to Nokia’s business centric portfolio. Well, PhoneArena have managed to get their hands on a prototype, and have put together a 14 minute video preview which is well worth the watch. Check out the video after the break.

HD Voice | Nokia Paves Way In Hi Def Communication

Nokia phones have been known for great things over the years, and voice quality is definitely one of them. While some smartphone owners may rave about their phone’s ability to land airplanes, you’ll find many complaints regarding the voice quality when using the handset. After all, a phone’s primary feature is, well, a phone! (and to play Angry Birds). Hit the jump to find out more.

HD Voice is a new audio technology that enables significantly enhanced audio quality on mobile phone calls. It doubles the audio bandwidth available using an industry specified speech codec called Wideband Adaptive Multirate Speech (WB-AMR) which extends audio bandwidth from 300-3400 Hz to 50-7000 Hz. Higher bandwidth creates a more natural sound, providing clarity within spoken words and a more realistic voice.

HD voice requires both the caller and the call receiver to have a HD voice enabled handset on HD voice enabled networks. Currently around 10 networks across 9 countries including the UK and India support HD Voice, with more operators to adopted this technology in the future. Check out this audio comparison featured a while back courtesy of Engadget.

Nokia currently has around 15 HD Voice enabled devices on the market, which include the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, and even in the lower end Nokia C3-01. The upcoming Nokia E7 will also feature this technology and we should see HD Voice become a standard feature in Nokia’s future devices.

In the video below, Martin Stanford of Sky News, makes a phone call from a HD Voice enabled Nokia over the Orange network and again with a Blackberry without HD Voice.