Nokia Messaging For Email | Winter 2010 Update Complete

The Nokia Messaging team have been hard at work over this Winter, and have today announced that the third and final update of the Winter 2010 updates is complete. To begin with the client was updated for S60 5th Edition devices. This update was available as Nokia Messaging 10.2 in the Software Update application last week. Later, there was a significant update that changed the way emails were stored on the device, which was automatically pushed into Nokia Messaging 10.2. The final update sees Nokia Messaging automatically consolidate accounts when the user adds an email address that belongs to another Nokia Messaging account. Nokia Messaging now always aligns the Nokia Messaging password with the Email Service Provider (ESP) password. Read on to find out more about each of the updates.

Update One | Highlights of the client release:

  • Localized in 38 languages
  • Support for Destinations on S60 5th edition devices
  • Improvements to on-device-setup wizard
  • Deleted items folder now automatically empties itself, faster client deletions
  • Various bug fixes

Update Two | Changing the way emails are stored:

  • Changes email storage for Inbox from ‘previous three days’ to ‘previous 100 emails’
  • Changes email storage for IMAP subfolders to 50 emails per subfolder

Update Three | Highlights of the final polish:

  • Automatic consolidation of multiple Nokia Messaging accounts
  • Password authentication with Email Service Provider
  • Various bug fixes