Music Video Review: Oluwa Nagode by Mars and Barzini

When you listen to a beautiful song and you are a creative writer who also dreams of making movies, the first thing you do is to conceptualise the ideas in the song. You try to put yourself in the video and you move around, muttering the words of the song. You are your own director, artiste and whatever. And it is beautiful.

When I first heard Oluwa Nagode by Mars and Barzini, I knew I had a song I could play in traffic, on a stroll and whenever I wanted to be mischievous; to complain about not having money to share with anyone. But the visual by Mex is a whole lot of concept. It houses a story, one of young touring artistes who are hoping for the good life yet with personal relationship issues and there is a bus crash and the boys ball in heaven.

This video, from first timers – new faces that would put some varieties in Nigerian music, is a bold statement. It is a proof of commitment and a jibe at excellence, to blaze a trail even when the music channel categorised the song as ‘Underground”.

I am a fan of great interpretation of songs on screen. There are too much party, dance and butt shaking out there but this video, in slow motion, gives you joy and inspires. Anyone can watch it and feel great.