I Got Locked out of My House

When I got locked out of my house in Brisbane, I contemplated breaking a window for a few minutes. I knew that I had a spare set of keys that could unlock the door, but I was also very well aware that both sets of keys were on my kitchen table. No one else had a key to my house, so the only way I was going to get inside was to either break a lock, and then find someone to fix or change locks in Brisbane, or break a window. Since I did not know how to break a lock, the window seemed my only choice.

The only bad thing with that option was that I did not know how to replace a window either. I got out my phone and did a search for some more info because I knew that I could not be the only one who this had happened to. I felt really silly when I saw the most appropriate way to handle this type of emergency. There are locksmiths who work around the clock for emergency situations. Luckily, this was not the middle of the night, but I also did not want to wait for hours to have someone come out and help me back into my house.

I called the number of the first locksmith that had come up on my list. I was just going to keep going down the list of locksmiths until I found one that would be able to come out that same day, and as early as possible too. I did not have to call more than one though because the top locksmith listed in the results was able to come out immediately. It did not cost me as much money as I feared either. It was definitely cheaper than having to replace a broken window, and this has taught me to think through all possible options until I find the best solution in the future.