How a Personal Safety Alarm Can Increase Security

Carrying a personal safety alarm is a necessity, regardless of whether one is traveling a great distance or is just going to dash to the all-night convenient store for some nibbles. In that case, should people carry protection even in a safe neighborhood? Individuals must never assume that nothing is going to happen because crime often comes when it is least expected.

A personal alarm system, placed where it can be accessed easily, can prevent an attack from occurring. Once a threat is perceived, one can activate it to create a loud sound that can both scare an attacker off and catch the attention of everyone within the vicinity. This non-lethal means of self-defense is often enough to deter muggers or assailants from continuing with their sinister plans.

These portable alarms work in the same way as home alarm systems, although home alarms are equipped with sensors that detect movement where none is expected. The loud sound alerts the neighbors to the intrusion and/or emergency, and will come or call for help.

Although there are security alarms designed exclusively for either the home or carrying around, some handy devices are equipped with functions apart from being a personal alarm. There are dual-purpose 120dB alarm systems that go off when someone touches a non-metallic doorknob on which one is hung, very useful when one wants to deter trespassers. A multi-function 3 in 1 130dB personal alarm with light can be placed to protect entry points like doors or windows, but can also be used as a laptop alarm. A motion-detecting mini travel alarm with PIR sensor can be set to detect movement from a few feet away, effective for hotel or dorm rooms.

There are many other combinations in multipurpose personal safety alarm systems that can be useful for both personal and home security. The important thing is one must be placed in a strategic location for one to scare miscreants off effectively and prevent a crime from happening.