Cracks In Your Foundation: How Worried Should You Be?

One of the most serious concerns about your home is a crack in the foundation wall. It is one of those home improvement issues that needs to be addressed the soonest time possible. And while you might freak out just seeing those cracks, there actually is no need to panic. But of course, you do have to handle it or else your entire property will be put at risk.

Perhaps the most pressing concern when cracks are found in the foundation wall is the question of whether or not the entire house is compromised. Another problem when cracks appear is that termites and ants might find their way inside your home through those tiny holes.

But one thing you need to understand is that when there’s a crack in your wall, structural issues aren’t your only concern. In fact, it should be the least of your concerns, at least for the moment. You need to settle with an ugly sight inside your living space, plus the fact that all sorts of crawling creatures could fit in them, thereby going in and out of your house. For the most part, a crack that is wider than 1/16 should warrant immediate fixing more so if water starts to leak in them.

In the event that you see the cracks increasing in either length or width, that’s a strong sign the foundation might already be moving, which means there already is a major risk you need to handle. There also are times when both the faces of the cracks grind with each other whenever there’s a change either in temperature inside and outside or when the home’s humidity level increases.

When it comes to termites on the other hand, they are so small that they can slip through cracks that are just 1/64 inch wide. However, you don’t have to be too worried about them if you live in an area or neighborhood where they aren’t prevalent or common. But in case you see some of them slowly infesting your place, you can simply call a pest control company to take care of them.

Furthermore, you can go ahead and ask any building contractor and they’ll tell you the same thing: only large cracks point to some type of structural issue. This means that if the cracks in your foundation wall remain small and the same for a long time, there’s very little to be worried about. But once they become large overtime, it means you have to contact either a foundation repair company or a structural engineer to make an assessment and complete inspection of the problem. The warning signs of a foundation problem include cracks that reached the basement floor, starting from the top of the foundation wall or if the cracks run horizontally, where the wall below is already leaning into the basement.

In the end, fixing a crack shouldn’t be considered as a do-it-yourself type of home improvement job. It is best that you call the experts to examine it and fix it for you. You don’t want to end up spending money in trying to fix it on your own and then realize you can’t do it.