Mini Personal Alarm With Keychain

If I sense an oncoming mugger, how must I act?

A Mini Personal Alarm with Keychain Eliminates Fighting

Facing off with a mugger must be the last resort. The blatant, hard-to-ignore sound from a mini personal alarm with keychain will drive him away, not toward you. He is usually a petty criminal who will not risk getting caught or besieged for a wallet. If you prove to be difficult, he will find someone else to mug.

Personal alarms are useful during emergencies, and in attack situations, for avoiding a confrontation. An alarming sound divulges your quandary, whereabouts and need to be saved to people within hearing range. Plus, it brings the attacker into the open.

You could trigger a battery-operated 130dB alarm keychain alarm with light very quickly to avert danger. You simply push a button on top or yank a pin affixed to the key chain. The flashlight can be turned on separately from the alarm. The mini personal alarm with keychain is a chance for anyone to flee rather than stay, fight and risk being harmed.

Mini Personal Alarm With Clip

How about minors who must not use incapacitating weapons?

Making Noise Via Mini Personal Alarm with Clip

Anyone, man, woman or child, can use a personal alarm for safety. It is a non-lethal device for self-defense. Even for minors, a mini personal alarm with clip is extremely easy to activate. Generally, this is by pressing a button or pulling a pin, or by a motion sensor to alert those in the immediate vicinity that something is wrong and must be checked.

With 120 decibels, a mini personal alarm LED flashlight can stop an offender cold and make him run away from the very uncomfortable noise. Its bright flashlight is useful both to guide the would-be victim in darkness and as a defensive weapon with a bright glare for distracting the victimizer.

It comes with a belt clip, but can also be hooked to a keychain for convenient carrying and easy access. The mini personal alarm with clip can be activated into or deactivated from alarming by a button being pressed, right where the thumb rests when holding the device.

Personal Mini Guard Alarm

What personal alarms are versatile enough against home threats?

Being Safe Anywhere with a Personal Mini Guard Alarm

Personal alarms keep you safe anywhere you go. Typically, a personal mini guard alarm fits in your pocket or on your bag attached to a key chain. Pressing a button on the device sounds a loud alarm, attracting the attention of passersby and hopefully scaring an assailant off.

There are other kinds of portable alarms that do not fit only in pockets and protect you only when you are in a room. These come in handy at home or when you are staying in a hotel.

The 120 dB Door Stop Alarm is a wedge-shaped device that is placed in front of a door. When the door gets opened, it hits the alarm’s switch and sets it off. There is even a movement sensor that sounds the alarm if someone tries to move the device while it is guarding a door. This personal mini guard alarm can be switched off before placing in luggage so the alarm does not get activated accidentally.

Small Alarm

Are bulky, cocky weapons the best for scaring attackers off?

Reliable Protection in Hand with a Small Alarm

Self-defense weapons that are bulky and look cocky can scare predators off effectively, yet their intimidating appearance does not outweigh the hassle involved in carrying one, especially without provoking delinquents. Often, all it takes is a small alarm to drive the bad guy away.

Personal alarms are portable and convenient to carry. You can stop danger staring you in the face with an ear-piercing sound that people nearby can hear so as to come to your aid.

A personal alarm with flashlight is not 4 inches tall, but packs 130 decibels that will have attackers scurrying for cover. The loud racket is distracting and disorienting so you can run away to safety. Anyone alerted to the distress call could avert your attacker or report the incident.

This small alarm comes with a wrist strap connected to an activation pin. Even if the criminal tries to snatch what he perceives as a weapon, it will go off and catch him off guard.

Mini Personal Alarm

What if I am too scared to confront my assailant?

Mini Personal Alarm for Alerting Others When in Trouble

When people think about carrying non-lethal weapons for protection out on the street, they usually think of weapons such as pepper spray or stun guns. These are great choices, but how about carrying a weapon that fights attackers by trying to scare them off in the first place? That would be a mini personal alarm.

Personal alarms are loud alarms that you carry on yourself or in a bag. If you have one and are getting mugged, for example, you set it off and this both calls the attention of other people and startles the mugger, which would likely scare him away. This is much better, and safer, than having to fight him off.

There are personal alarms that do even more than call for help and scare attackers off. Flashlight alarms, such as a personal alarm with light, also let you see and aim at your target at night. Plus, these blind him with the glare, which does a lot to startle and discourage him from continuing his attack.

You can attach keychain alarms to a belt loop or bag so they are instantly accessible when needed. An electronic pocket/keychain whistle is a good example, and so is a keychain alarm with light.

You might think that you can always yell for help instead, but there are many situations where this might not be possible. And there are people who are not able to do this, to begin with. That is why carrying a personal alarm is always a good idea. You can rely on the usually electronic or aerosol device to spare you from confronting your assailant.

With so many different types of portable alarms available, many of which have far more capabilities than making noise, choosing the right mini personal alarm for you should not be a problem. If at all, the sheer variety of security alarms for sale could make picking one much harder to do.

Personal Alarm Keychain

What mistakes do people make concerning self-defense weapons?

Keep a Personal Alarm Keychain Accessible at All Times

In a crisis situation, every moment is precious. No person can afford to fumble inside a bag or grope in the dark for protective gadgets. A grave mistake to be made is keeping a self-defense device where it can’t be retrieved fast, so it becomes useless. Likewise, hesitating to use the weapon on hand could be a fatal error. A personal alarm keychain must be easy to get and activate because emergency devices are supposed to be very accessible and quick to use.

Like home alarms that must be placed in strategic locations around the house, personal alarms must be located strategically where they can be reached swiftly. Once the earsplitting sound goes off, attackers will often get scared and run away, preventing or minimizing any physical confrontation. People within hearing range will recognize the sound as a distress call, and be drawn to the alarm to find out what is going on.

Key chain alarms are particularly easy to access since each can be used as a bag accessory. One can also hang it on a belt or keep in an easy-to-reach pocket. Attached to car keys or house keys, it is still small enough to hold in the hand, just like a regular key ring.

An alarm with light can also be conveniently accessible. Since it can be used as a light source, it is only natural to hold it while walking in dark areas. Having it in hand makes activating the alarm immensely easy. Furthermore, it can be used to disorient an attacker, and illuminated enough for one to see the attacker’s appearance such as shirt color or facial hair.

A personal alarm keychain is just that: personal. What suits each individual’s personal needs and preferences differs. It could be a keychain alarm with light, an electronic pocket/keychain whistle or a mini travel alarm with PIR sensor. Regardless of choice, one must always remember that a non-lethal personal alarm can only be effective if one can reach it during an emergency.

How a Personal Safety Alarm Can Increase Security

Carrying a personal safety alarm is a necessity, regardless of whether one is traveling a great distance or is just going to dash to the all-night convenient store for some nibbles. In that case, should people carry protection even in a safe neighborhood? Individuals must never assume that nothing is going to happen because crime often comes when it is least expected.

A personal alarm system, placed where it can be accessed easily, can prevent an attack from occurring. Once a threat is perceived, one can activate it to create a loud sound that can both scare an attacker off and catch the attention of everyone within the vicinity. This non-lethal means of self-defense is often enough to deter muggers or assailants from continuing with their sinister plans.

These portable alarms work in the same way as home alarm systems, although home alarms are equipped with sensors that detect movement where none is expected. The loud sound alerts the neighbors to the intrusion and/or emergency, and will come or call for help.

Although there are security alarms designed exclusively for either the home or carrying around, some handy devices are equipped with functions apart from being a personal alarm. There are dual-purpose 120dB alarm systems that go off when someone touches a non-metallic doorknob on which one is hung, very useful when one wants to deter trespassers. A multi-function 3 in 1 130dB personal alarm with light can be placed to protect entry points like doors or windows, but can also be used as a laptop alarm. A motion-detecting mini travel alarm with PIR sensor can be set to detect movement from a few feet away, effective for hotel or dorm rooms.

There are many other combinations in multipurpose personal safety alarm systems that can be useful for both personal and home security. The important thing is one must be placed in a strategic location for one to scare miscreants off effectively and prevent a crime from happening.