Energy Conservation Ideas For Winter Time

When the winter is fast approaching, your job as a homeowner is to keep your home warm against the harsh cold outside. And when it comes to producing heat, you are expected to pump up your heating system in order to keep everything comfortable. This means you are going to burn more heating oil, use more electricity, and eventually increase energy consumption.

But it doesn’t mean you just tolerate the increase in energy consumption. There are several ways that you can actually be more practical but at the same time make sure you and your family are still comfortable and protected against the winter cold.

To cut down heating costs, there is no need to compromise on comfort. Here are some important energy conservation ideas for winter time that will benefit you in the long run:

Maintain the Heating Equipment

You have to realize that your heating equipment will not clean on its own. Accordingly, it’s dirt and neglect on the owner’s part that primarily cause the entire system to fail. So if the heating equipment is more than ten years old, it is very important to have an expert check and inspect it. In order to make sure that yours will work on its optimum efficiency, enable heating system maintenance.

Programmable Thermostat

Next energy conservation tip is using a programmable thermostat. You have the ability to control your home’s ideal temperature even while you are away or you’re sleeping at night. To do that, you have to use the pre-programmed settings of the programmable thermostat. This means you can program it to lower the temperature when you’re not around. The nice thing about these new and modern thermostats is that they let you save about $200 per year in energy consumption and costs.

Have you ever wondered why you’re burning too much heating oil? Not a lot of homeowners know that air leaks found all over the home will contribute a lot in the consumption of energy for producing warm temperature inside, regardless of that energy in the form of heating oil, gas, or electricity. What you need to do therefore is seal air leaks. You can do that by using caulk, spray, foam, or weather stripping. Guaranteed, there will be a considerable difference because the heat produced inside will not be trapped and circulated sufficiently, while the cold weather outside won’t be allowed to get in through those leaks.

Replace or Change Filters

Also, do not tolerate the use of dirty and worn out filters in your heating system. Just like your air conditioning system, the filter in your heating system has to be cleaned or changed from time to time. A dirty filter will render the heating equipment inefficient in functionality. If you do change the filter when it’s about time, you are giving yourself the chance to save about ten to fifteen percent of annual energy costs.

Seek Recommendations

You might want to seek recommendations from the authorities in energy conservation. You can use Energy Star’s Home Energy Advisor for those proven energy-saving home improvement tips. This way, you can compare your home’s energy use to other homes of similar needs all over the country. Eventually, you’ll see how your home energy consumption compares to the rest and what you can do about it.

Close the Door

Although it looks like a senseless idea, shutting the doors of the rooms that you don’t frequently go to or stay will be crucial in your hope of conserving energy and eventually saving more on your bills. Doors and vents that are left open will mean warm air will go in those rooms where no one is staying, thereby wasting energy in the process.

Clear Plastic Sheeting

If you can clear plastic sheeting on your windows, you are actually increasing insulation inside. Also, it’s one way of limiting the buildup of ice drafts without you exerting that much effort and expenses.

Purchase Heating Oil Early

If you are using heating oil at home, it is best for you to purchase the oil earlier, or right before winter. it is known to everybody whose using it that buying oil right in the middle of winter means you will be settling for significantly higher price trends. What’s the reason? That’s because there is more demand for it, which naturally means oil delivery companies will take advantage.

As a reminder, the idea of conserving energy is by no means about compromising your comfort. There is a good reason why you need heating during the winter, and that is to make sure your family is safe from the risks and dangers associate with extremely cold weather. Therefore, never think of turning off your heating system right in the middle of an extreme cold temperature just because you want to be practical on your energy use. Energy conservation does not work that way. It’s actually a case of effective management and maintenance.